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IdcN Commemorative Conference Programme 1

The Social Designers: design for real needs
Through interactive discussions, this session will give the new perspectives of how our young generation coming from a diversity of cultural backgrounds use design to develop new visions and scenarios which can contribute towards cultural diversity and social responsibility.


Born in 1950
Fashion Designer
huxiaowei Hu Xiaowei
Co-founder and vice-editor-in-chief of Design magazine. (China)
Xiaowei Hu has been contributing to international design networking in China, establishing communicating bridge between Chinese enterprises and design circles with the world pioneering people and enterprises. In the past 5 years, he has been actively attending various international and domestic design and innovation conferences and cooperating with UK government, Denmark government, Holland government and IIT Design Institute on forums and exhibitions. Design magazine is affiliated to Art and Design Publishing United, which is the biggest professional art and design magazine publishing organization in China.
chauchiuman Chau Chiu Man
Graphic designer (Hongkong)
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong) – Higher Diploma of Digital Media Design (Year 4) Jan, 2006 Icorgrada Design Week (HK) Feb, 2006 International New Designers Workshop 2006 in Nagoya While I was designing something for the society in the workshops, I learnt what is the right and what is wrong on design and the right attitude to make an art piece. Before that, I was just focus on the visual impact and gimmicks of an artwork. Now, I know that concerning what users need is the top priority. In the future, I really want to design something to better the society or just simply make people happy. I will try my best to achieve this goal.
hunglam Hung LAM
Graphic designer (Hong Kong)
Hung LAM established CoDesign Ltd with Eddy Yu in 2003. Besides his enthusiasm for his design work, LAM has been actively participating in international cultural, art and design projects. LAM has won a number of prominent international design awards over the years. Some of his works have become permanent collection for Osaka Suntory Museum in Japan, Plakatsammlung Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich in Switzerland, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
amitai Amitai Burstein
Fashion designer (Israel)
Born in 1978, Israel. Bachelor of Design Fashion, “Shenkar School of Engineering and Design”, Israel. Currently living and working in New-Delhi, India.
wenham Oded Ezer
Besides being a fulltime commercial typographer and type designer, Oded Ezer (b.1972) is also a lecturer and a typo artist. Having graduated in 1998, in Visual Communication Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Ezer went on to set up his own independent studio, Oded Ezer Typography, in Givatayim. A member of the ICD (Israel Community of Designers), he teaches typography and graphic design at the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, Ramat Gan, and at the Wizo College of Design, Haifa. Gold Prize at the international design competition of the Nagoya Design Center, Japan (2000); Certificate of Excellence at the TDC52 competition of the New York Type Directors Club (2006).
carlosgonzalez Carlos Manuel Gonzalez Manjarrrez
Graphic designer (Mexico)
Graduated in Graphic Design and master in Advertising with a research titled: In search of Mexican graphic design identity. His professional experience is related to creative art direction. Actually he is a creative director at his own company: CG Design. ( And professor in several Mexican universities.
wesam Wesam Mazhar Haddad
Graphic Designer(Jordan)
b. 1977, Jordanian Graphic Design & Art Director. After he earned a B.F.A degree in Design & Applied Arts - Graphic Design major from the Yarmouk University - Jordan in 2001, his clairvoyance awakening him to originate an approach of conscious perception for the surroundings that he is falling within. Tying it vividly with a philosophical thinking that combines both worlds of simplicity and complexity, his projects reflects a profound philosophy that simplicity is the highest level of complexity; complexity is the highest level of simplicity. Haddad's visuals concerning the environment evoke as an everlasting siren that touches every single human no matter his /her culture /ethnic are.
park Park So Young
Samsung Electronics Designer(South Korea)
I am an identity designer who finds the identities of a matter, person, brand, company, society and nation and designs them. After graduating from Seoul National University (SNU) Design dept, I worked in a graphic company for a year, and now, I’m going to finish the graduate course of SNU majoring identity design soon. I studied in Tokyo national University of Fine Arts in 2005 as an exchange student, and joined the Designer’s Workshop of IDCN in 2006. From next January, I’m supposed to work in Samsung Electronics. As an identity designer, I’m on the process of finding my identity with design on the Earth.
helen Helen Ho Lai-Ching
Design Consultant, Manager for Temasek Design School(Singapore)
Helen Ho Lai-Ching, a Singaporean, graduated from Art Center College of Design, California, U.S.A. with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design, and also a Masters in Arts (Honors) at the Mushashino Art University, Tokyo under the scholarship of The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Singapore). She is currently a Consultant at the Center of Design Innovation and also a Course Manager for the Diploma in Product & Industrial Design Department of Temasek Design School in Singapore.
leetzeming Lee Tze Ming
industrial designer for Ziba design(Singapore)
Tze graduated in industrial design from the National University of Singapore in 2005 and has been working for Philips Design Singapore for a year before joining Ziba design in Portland, USA. His works have been exhibited at Tokyo Designers Block 2004 with Ant design and at the Technisches Museum of Vienna in Austria. Several other works have garnered product and architectural design awards among the local and international community.
wenham Wilhelm Chiang
Industrial designer, ASUS (Taiwan)
After graduating from Loughborough University, he entered the design department of ASUS Computer. In this reputed department, he participated in variety projects, including development of notebook, mobile phone, and different IT products. Some of his works have already been on the market all over the world. Regarding his design philosophy, he always put users’ needs in the first priority. Besides those routine tasks, he also joined several design workshops which aimed to raise social awareness for Taiwanese design students.
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