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IdcN Commemorative Conference Programme 2

Session1 - 11:00-13:00 ‘Cultural Diversity & Lifestyles'
What is design in the service of society? In a world where lifestyles are becoming more diversified, traditional values towards home, family and work are now collapsing. How do we use our creative visions to impact the social fabric and improve everyday life?

huxiaowei Takaharu Tezuka & Yui Tezuka
Architect (Japan)
With spatial designs that are skillfully integrated with the outside environment, their designs range from private houses to community buildings. Their most important works are the Roof House, in which daily life expands onto the roof, and the Echigo Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science, which can be buried under 5m of snow. The Fuji Kindergarten, undertaken in cooperation with art director Kashiwa Sato, takes the form of a 200m-circumference oval-shaped roof space. This is scheduled for completion in March 2007. A total of 38 works have been collected in "Takaharu Tezuka + Yui Tezuka Architecture Catalogue".
fumie Fumie Shibata
Industrial designer (Japan)
Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. After working for Design Center Toshiba Co., she established a Tokyo-based design office, Design Studio S. Here, she developed a base of specialty clients who have retained her firm for design projects ranging from communications to furniture, infant products and home appliances. Recent Work has been "Baby Label" series by Combi, "Body Fitting Sofa" by Muji, "ZUTTO Series" by Zojirushi, thermometer "Ken on-kun" series by Omron, and mobile phone"SWEETS" and "SWEETS pure" by KDDI by AU.
yoshiko Yoshiko Watanabe
Executive Planner of Recruit Co. Ltd., & Chairperson of Women's Information Society. (Japan)
Editor-in-chief of "Human Ad" by Recruit, a Japan's definitive magazine for research of advertising design which focuses on information that bring people and work together. Chairperson of Women's Information Research Group, a networking group to promote knowledge sharing among working woman. Lectures on "Modern Society and Scientific Technology" at Meisei University, "Editorial Technique" and "Career Guidance" at Kyoritsu Women's Junior College. Member of Japan Society of Advertising, New York Art Director's Club, Japan of Graphic Designers Association Inc (JAGDA).
annabelle Annabelle Favreau
The Gabinete de Iniciativa Joven (Spain)
The Gabinete de Iniciativa Joven established in 2004 November by the Exremadura government to integrate imagination/innovation into rural sector, using imagination as a keyword to develop the region and to promote this goal by working with industries/business community to generate good business for rural sector. Awarded UNESCO’s RICARDO MARIN prize in January, 2006 as a promoter of creativity in Spain.
Session2 - 14:20-15:50 ‘Creative Industries & The New Generation'
How do we cultivate a future generation who have the power and passion to apply their skills to make a difference in our everyday life?

atsunori Atsunori Hiraga
Planning section chief of Recruit Tokai HR Company and editor-in-chief of Tokai edition of FromA magazine (Japan)
Born in 1963. Since joining the company in 1988, he has edited the part-time job information magazine FromA and launched its Kansai and Tokai editions. During his time in New York as a resident staff in 1992, he studied personal information tabloid magazines there. After returning to Japan, he launched the personal information magazine JAMAR. From 2002, he served as editor-in-chief of Kanto edition of FromA in metropolitan area, studying young people’s values and behavior patterns and advocating the communication method of sympathy matching. On the basis of visual communication that was the mainstay of the method, he set a trend toward colorization of job magazines. From 2004, he served as editor-in-chief of Bing, Travail, and the Tokai edition of FromA concurrently. His numerous lectures include “Human resources that companies are seeking now” and “Job hunting that we should know as parents”. He was a member of the Manufacturing Human Resources Development Aichi Model Council and the Family-friendly Companies Selection Committee in 2005. From the viewpoint of three magazines on part-time and mid-career employment, he continues to send a message about how career should be. Since the spring of 2006, he has been in present positions.
shinichi Shinichi Yamamura
President, COBO Co. Ltd. (Japan)
Yamamura was an industrial designer for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries where he had designed automobiles and airplanes. In 1973, he established COBO, one of the most well known design firms in Japan and since then he has been a leading figure in a wide variety of design approaches ranging from transportation design to industrial development and corporate strategies. He is the author of many books, including, How Design Transforms Industries (Nikkan Industrial Publishing) Yamamura also serves on the jury of Good Design Award's ASEAN Design Collection.
aoshi Aoshi Kudo
Communication Design Laboratory (Japan)
Born in Tokyo in 1964. After he graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1988, he joined Shiseido Co., Ltd. in that year. He left Shiseido in 2005 and founded Communication Design Laboratory with Keiko Hirano. His major works include the product/packaging design of cosmetics such as SHISEIDO MEN, quiora, and IPSA. He has received numerous awards including Mainichi Design Award, AIA New York Design Awards, Japan Package Design Award, and Tokyo ADC Award. Currently, he is a part-time lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
kazuaki Kazuaki Nakamura
Deputy Senior General Manager of Canon Design Center (Japan)
Kazuaki Nakamura was born in Tokyo in 1950. He graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology to major mechanical engineering. After graduation he engaged in chemical plants design work at Ishii Iron Works Co, Ltd. He entered Canon Inc. in 1984 and engaged in technical writing work. During that job he took up also his post as the first Chief Secretariat of Japan Technical Communicators Association to endeavor establishing its association. He started user interface design work at Canon Design Center in 1990 and has taken the lead of that work powerfully up to now. He is now a Deputy Senior General Manager of Canon Design Center.
shimoda Kageki Shimoda
Naoki Award winner, picture book author, children’s book author (Japan)
A graduate of the Faculty of Law at Chuo University. He won the 27th Shosetsu-Gendai New Writers Award with his novel Yattoko Tantei (Detective) in 1976 and the 83rd Naoki Award with Kiiroi Kiba (Yellow Tusk) in 1980. Since 2003, he has been a visiting professor at Teikyo Junior College. Keenly realizing the need of reading stories and picture books to children at home, he formed the “Reading Stories to Good Children Team” in 1999. As the captain, he visited a thousand of facilities including kindergartens, children’s centers, elementary schools, and welfare institutions for seven years. His recent books include RACHI Sennou-hen (Abduction: Brainwashing Edition) and picture books such as Hanako Arigato (Thank you, Hanako), Mannen Kujira (Ten-Thousand-year-old Whale), and Zou-no-kodomo-ga-mita-yume (The Dream A Baby Elephant Had), published by KIBA BOOK. Mannen Kujira is the first picture book that he worked on the illustrations and book design as well as the story for himself.
Session3 - 16:00-17:30 ‘Design for Social Innovations'
Through propositions of policies, of products, of spaces, technology innovation and experiences, we will illustrate how design is truly about changing people and that positive and appropriate solutions can and should be created in order to construct a better global system.

kazuo Kazuo Kawasaki,Ph.D.
Design Director, Doctor of Medical Science Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Honorary Professor of Graduate School of Design & Architecture, Nagoya City University Visiting Professor, Tama Art University (Japan)
Trustee of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization : MITI Chairman of Juror for the Japan Good Design Award in 2001, 2002, 2003 Born in 1949, Fukui, Japan. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Arts. As a design director mainly on an industrial design and product design, he plays an active part in widely from traditional crafts to glasses, interior goods, machinery implementation design and computer development. He specializes in design development by media integration technique utilizing 3D-CAD/CAM, design of Artificial Organs by medical science and a theory of Topology and practice of corporation design strategy.
"Digital Passage" (ASCII) "Platon's Orgel" (ASCII) "Designers, be a fighter" (ASCII) "Design is GONGO DODAN !" (ASCII) "GOKUDO-RON of Design" (ASCII) "Dream Designer" (Chuo Publishing) "Master the secret of presentation" (Softbank Creative) "Design anthology of Kazuo Kawasaki" (ASCII) "Design as Gambit" (ASCII)
jennifer Jennifer Leonard
content leader, design strategist and multimedia storyteller for IDEO's Design Community in California. (U.S.A)
(Phaidon, 2004) with Bruce Mau, a book on the future of global design; she also worked as a Toronto-based radio broadcaster and design critic. She has been a featured speaker at international design conferences, including DESIGNMAI (Berlin, DE), World Design Congress (Copenhagen, DK) and Utrecht Manifest (Utrecht, NL). She has also collaborated with non-designers in the realm of global security issues, and is now in the process of co-editing a book with political theorist James Der Derian (Brown University) on innovation in this realm. In addition, she has recently begun DESIGNERADIO, a podcast about the world of design and the design of the world: Her work has been published in Form, Details, Nylon, Seed, Azure, Saturday Night, and Shift. Although Jennifer's early journalistic work was primarily rock music critique and review, she has always been informed by an appreciation for aesthetics and the underlying systems that support our interconnected world. Her work bridges the gap between art and science. She is a graduate of the inaugural year of the Institute without Boundaries, a design think-tank held within the Bruce Mau Design studio; the University of Western Ontario (Anthropology); and Queen's University (Sociology). She also studied at The Graduate School of Journalism at the University of Western Ontario, where she won the Top Researcher award and Norman Jewison prize for creative writing.
indrasen Indrasen Vencatachellum
Chief of the Section for Arts, Crafts and Design, Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise, UNESCO (France)
Born in the Island of Mauritius, Indrasen Vencatachellum has a long involvement in the performing arts, design, crafts and international cooperation and a broad experience in cultural management. After university studies in Madagascar, from 1969 to 1972 and at the Sorbonne in Paris, he graduated as Master of Arts in 1973. From 1984 to 1987, Mr Vencatachellum acted as UNDP-UNESCO Consultant for a cultural cooperation programme in Africa, including the training of cultural promoters and administrators, crafts promotion and artistic creation. He has been in charge of the UNESCO Section for Arts, Crafts and Design since 1994 and is presently Acting Director of the Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprises. Mr Vencatachellum is well known worldwide as the Coordinator since 1994 of the DESIGN 21 Project, launched in cooperation with Felissimo Corporation (Japan). He has served on the Jury for several international contests and has edited some original publications, among which a practical guide entitled “ Designers meet Artisans”. Mr Vencatachellum has received medals of gratitude from various Organizations for his valuable contribution to cultural development, namely Ateliers d'Arts de France, Islamic Research Institute-IRCICA (Turkey), FONART (Mexico) and FIART (Cuba).
toshio Toshio Fukuda
Professor of Dept. of Micro System Engineering, Nagoya University (Japan)
Toshio Fukuda graduated from Waseda University in 1971 and received the Master of Engineering degree and Dr. Eng. from the University of Tokyo in 1973 and 1977, respectively. Meanwhile, he studied at the graduate school of Yale University from 1973 to 1975. In 1977, he joined the National Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and became Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Stuttgart from 1979 to 1980. He joined the Science University of Tokyo in 1982, and then joined Nagoya University in 1989. Currently, he is Professor of Institute of Advanced studies, Nagoya University and Professor of Department of Micro-Nano System Engineering and Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan, mainly engaging in the research fields of intelligent robotic system, cellular robotic system, mechatronics and micro-nano robotics. His latest project, the Surgical Simulator / Patient Specific High Precision Surgical Simulator "EVE" was awarded Universal Design Prize (New Frontier Design Category) of Good Design Award 2006.
hirai Wahei Hirai
Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)
Wahei Hirai graduated from Chiba University’s Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Design Division and joined Toyota, in 1972. He worked for Calty Design Research, Inc., in Newport Beach, California from 1976 to 1978. In 1996, he was appointed general manager of Vehicle Development Center 2, Toyota Design Division No. 2, and in 2001, was seconded to Toyota Europe Design Development S.A.R.L. (ED 2) in Nice, France. In 2004, he was made a managing officer. He wants to create fresh and attractive designs that make people say, “What else would you expect from Toyota!”
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