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"The Social Designers: design for real needs" Exhibitors 1


Tsuyoshi Nagura graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design in 1998. After graduating, Tsuyoshi have been working as a free-lance designer. From 2002 to 2005, he joined in “N/N”, the joint project by Nagoya Zokei University and Nishiharu Town due to its town reviving. He worked for “N/N” as a main graphic designer and a managing staff. His work has been expanded to various fields since then. He produced not only graphical products, but also he designed workshop for kids, exhibitions, 3-D products and even hero characters for Nishiharu Town named “NISHIBARUKAN”.

Tsuyoshi Nagura

NISHIVULCAN (fighters for citizens` health)
Tsuyoshi designed it in order to promote citizens’ health in Nishiharu Town. It won popularity among all generation and it was a big effect. In 2006, Nishiharu Town and Shikatsu Town were combined, and it became north Nagoya city. He renewed “NISHIBARUKAN” into “NISHIVULCAN S” and now it is still popular among people.
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Naruto Miyagawa=Industrial Technology Center Gifu Prefectural Government
Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design
Works:“Development of Wooden Desk for Telecommuting of Persons with Disabilities” “Study on Wooden Toys to Support Growth of Disabled Children”(Gifu Pref.Research Institute for Human Life Technology)

Naruto Miyagawa

Swing Board:The swing available to play with lying. All the children can enjoy the feeling, shaking sense, even if the children can't sit on the swing.
Bowling game:The bowling game without strong power.The children can play with the bowling game even if the children can't roll the balls.
Exhibition of Wooden Toys
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After graduating from Musashino Art University's Visual Communication studies program, I belong to Fuji Xerox Human Interfase Design Deveiopment as a designer.At graduation works, I made the device that replaced the color with harmony,and I researched the new relationship about visually handicapped person and colors.Now I design the interface of the PC applications and the touch panels.I think it's important the relationship between information and the environment and the person, is free, and happy.

Masako Kitazaki

Otopen, AdvanceDesign, ArcWizShare
"otopen--Searching the new Senses" '2003 The documentary that the visually handicapped person gradually understands the colors using the device replacing the color with harmony.
"AdvanceDesign" '2003- This project is an activity to design the future of the document with the person by original aspect and approaches of the self photo and the prototype, etc.
"ArcWizShare" '2006 This is a web application that shares and manages large amount of documents in the office on Web. Users can make favorite user Interface by customizing the function and the graphics. G-mark winning in 2006.
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2002 Master’s Degree in Design & Architecture (Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design & Architecture) 2002-2006 Chunichi Shimbun (Design Section in News room) 2006- Research member of Kazuo Kawasaki Progressive Inclusive Design Office in OSAKA UNIVERSITY

Naoshige Ogawa

"TOKI no OMORI visualization"
The work that I introduce is a graphics published with essay "TOKI no OMORI" of the newspaper. These works were serialized for about three years from 2003 in Chunichi Shinbun. These works are not garnishes that decorate richly sentences.They function as help for the reader to understand information.They promote the reader and communications with the newspaper as an impressive, symbolical sight expression.In addition, they make new value as information media by restructuring the relation between the text and the sight by using the theory of the design.
These works were produced based on the intention of the above-mentioned. I tried the introduction of design technique-theory to the mass-media by this production.

Copyright(C)Naoshige OGAWA,The Chunichi Shimbun,All Rights Reserved.
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1998 Graduated from Waseda University in Architecture
2000 Master's Degree in City Planning
2000~2005 Japan System Planning (Architecture, Landscape design, Urban design)
2006 Established Ryotaro Furukawa Architects.
Mutual human relationship, human-environment, human-material relationships in contemporary urban environment, are considered in my architectural, landscape, and urban practice.


Ryotaro Furukawa

House in Kunitachi,
Housing Development, Shenyang, China

1. House in Kunitachi
Housing for mother in her 60s and her son’s family with their twin baby.
Balancing independency and intimacy between the two inhabiting families and delivering ties to the natural environment are the themes pursued through out every layer of designing, from large scale site planning to smallest of the detail.
2. Housing Development, Shenyang, China
Landscape project for large scale housing complex. Elements of water, stones, and plants were introduced to the plane geometry of the housing structure.

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