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"The Social Designers: design for real needs" Exhibitors 4

I am an identity designer who finds the identities of a matter, person, brand, company, society and nation and designs them. After graduating from Seoul National University (SNU) Design dept, I worked in a graphic company for a year, and now, I’m going to finish the graduate course of SNU majoring identity design soon. I studied in Tokyo national University of Fine Arts in 2005 as an exchange student, and joined the Designer’s Workshop of IDCN in 2006. From next January, I’m supposed to work in Samsung Electronics. As an identity designer, I’m on the process of finding my identity with design on the Earth.

Park So Young

五色 (2006)
Identity design for Korean rice cake café which is modernizing and reinterpreting tradition.
GOIRO (2005)
Identity Design for cookie store of five colors. It is the predecessor of 五色.
Tree (2006)
Illustration of Yin-yang and the five elements trees.
Dog of Andromeda (2006)
Illustration of a dog. The blue dog is from the great nebular Andromeda. She is looking for her identity on the Earth.
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I graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication from Temasek Polytechnic in 1996. Thereafter, I pursued and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Having worked in the creative industry for nearly a decade, I now function as a creative director in my own venture called Furryfish, a Singapore-based creative agency specializing in communicating design over various media. While Furryfish has built a strong portfolio in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Web Publishing, we’re also establishing ourselves in the areas of Character Design & Animation, where we hope to accomplish our own brand of signature cartoons that will be enjoyed and cherished by viewers worldwide.
More about the work I do can be found at

Lee Tian Huan

Tidy Game
This was a game made for ENCAMS, a non-profit organisation based in the UK. The overall project involved revitalizing Britain's anti-littering campaign through a humorous portrayal of its famous Tidyman icon, mascot and champion of ENCAMS’ anti-littering drive. In the game, a player assumes the character of Tidyman, England’s favourite trash-killer, and battles it out with the city’s most determined litterbugs.
This was made for the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA), It is an interactive multimedia presentation that provides a simplified view of how urban city planning is done in Singapore.
What would 2029 look like? The primary message is that our family values will endure, whatever other changes that time may bring.
Campaign for promoting a brand of contact lenses for astigmatism.
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b. 1977, Jordanian Graphic Design & Art Director. After he earned a B.F.A degree in Design & Applied Arts - Graphic Design major from the Yarmouk University - Jordan in 2001, his clairvoyance awakening him to originate an approach of conscious perception for the surroundings that he is falling within. Tying it vividly with a philosophical thinking that combines both worlds of simplicity and complexity, his projects reflects a profound philosophy that simplicity is the highest level of complexity; complexity is the highest level of simplicity. Haddad's visuals concerning the environment evoke as an everlasting siren that touches every single human no matter his /her culture /ethnic are.

Wesam Mazhar Haddad

Matchsticks Forest Poster Series (a) & (b):
One tree makes a million matchsticks; one matchstick burns a million trees. Suspension bridges, high-rise buildings, huge resorts, undergoing rapidly development in Jordan. Nevertheless, we still deforesting the green, consuming matchsticks and abuse it! What a Parallel Equation! Inspiration comes as a heartache consideration for the unstopping desertification in my homeland, as a stroke admiration for a Jackson Pollock's painting, or as a haphazard combination between a hair brush and useless matchsticks. Every single entity of a matchstick stands out as a unique character, a piece of art. It resembles a shape of a living creature, which evokes simultaneously the essence fact that these matchsticks were originally part of a living being “Tree”.
Consume Less, Save More:
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After graduating from Loughborough University, he entered the design department of ASUS Computer. In this reputed department, he participated in variety projects, including development of notebook, mobile phone, and different IT products. Some of his works have already been on the market all over the world. Regarding his design philosophy, he always put users’ needs in the first priority. Besides those routine tasks, he also joined several design workshops which aimed to raise social awareness for Taiwanese design students

Wen-Ham Chiang

A cross-countries workshop held by International Design Center Nagoya in 2006. The theme of our team was security. After investigating the women only coach of the subway system and a kindergarten which has closer relationship between parents, children and staffs, we found out that trust in a community is as important as compulsive orders to keep the society safe. And our solution was a systematic approach to let minority groups protected by those who want to help protecting others.
Low cost good design
A workshop aimed to find Zeitgeist of contemporary products. During this workshop, members had visited National Palace Museum, traditional Taiwanese markets, and even night pubs to find out the difference between the past and the current cultures. Their discoveries and creativities were shown on their final prototypes.
ASUS Notebook V1J
A notebook designed for the urban elites. Its glossy edges and fine details reflect owners’ styles and fit best with their life styles.
Wireless Storage Center
Its style is derived more from oriental elements. Those features make this product more unique, and in the meanwhile make it best suits for oriental houses.
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Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, as a Malaysian-Chinese, Joceyline Leong holds a degree in Graphic Design, and has been engaged in the web design industry for nearly 5 years.
1999-2000 : Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
1996-1998 : Graphic Design Diploma at Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology
October 2001 : chosen to be among the participants of the International New Designers Workshop by IdcN.
2001 : Member of the Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wRega)
Presently, she is working in Singapore as a Marketing Specialist, dealing with in-house advertising and promotions with a USA based corporation.

Joceyline Leong

Wedding Collection 2005
Hand-made ‘Congratulations' card that I customized for a friend for her wedding, also designed other similar themed cards for sale.
Petal's Touch
Designed a logotype for a friend who started a floral enterprise in Kuala Lumpur. Design includes stationary, signage and promotional items.
Winter Collection 2005
Hand-made Christmas greeting card, with hand-drawn white spiral tree. Each and every card is unique and exclusive. Especially hand-made for friends and acquaintances.
Urban Living: See,explore,live (photojournalism)
While I was out for photo shooting for my office project, I managed to capture a glimpse of the Esplanade while passing through the highway during a hazy evening. It is a perfect angle that overlooked the skyscrapers of signature buildings in Singapore, which is also known as the Garden City of the East. Nevertheless, this photograph never failed to reflect how I felt, at that point of time. The sky was murky, gloomy and grey. It was depressing to see the dullness. The city looked lifeless, due to the air pollution attack last month (October).
New habitat: Having stayed in this place for nearly a year, it is undeniable that life here is very hectic and ever so full of activity. Sounds of hustle and bustle of cars, buses and people rushing. Living in a new place, is indeed exciting. New places and new faces. Different culture and lifestyle. The journey of exploring new places, is also a journey to self-discovery, and the journey goes on.
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