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"The Social Designers: design for real needs" Exhibitors 2

wada Kenji completed MA course at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Netherlands under DROOG DESIGN. After returning to Japan and working as a freelance designer, he joined an advertising agency. As a design planner, Kenji now develops various activities to share design values in new formats with users by undertaking design direction, concept making and writing.

Kenji Wada

is a photo book created by users for designers.
This is not an idea source for designers. In Netherlands, people are so creative that products made by designers often change as time passes. Even a product was designed with certain intention, it can end up in a disappointing appearance depending on its users. This book is inspiring for designers today who are bored with just fluffy, functional products.

Creating good design is not about producing a lot of objects. It is not about just finding out which design is correct. It is about both users and designers sharing and recognizing once again why certain design is good.
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Creative agency co-founded in 2004 by Vincent Ciccone (France) and Aiko Oshima (Japan), graduated in graphic design from ENSAD in Paris. Visual works for corporate design, event, dictionary, etc.

Aiko Oshima &
Vincent Ciccone

Content redesign of the french language dictionary;
' le Petit Robert 2007 '
Redesign for the most innovative french dictionary Le Petit Robert. By request “A contemporary design and a better accessibility for junior students too" like a response to Social Change and living culture of words. This interface creation is the design of information architecture as rich as complex.
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Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong) – Higher Diploma of Digital Media Design (Year 4)
Jan, 2006 Icorgrada Design Week (HK)
Feb, 2006 International New Designers Workshop 2006 in Nagoya
While I was designing something for the society in the workshops, I learnt what is the right and what is wrong on design and the right attitude to make an art piece. Before that, I was just focus on the visual impact and gimmicks of an artwork. Now, I know that concerning what users need is the top priority. In the future, I really want to design something to better the society or just simply make people happy. I will try my best to achieve this goal.

Chau Chiu Man

Chinese New Immigrants in Hong Kong
Every time in the bus when I see “Hong Kongers” staring and grumbling at the new immigrants from mainland China, I understand why they will have these actions. However, when I think it deeply, I find that it is unfair to judge the new immigrants because no one tells or educates them to keep quiet or keep place clean in public transports. They do not use to do it in where they came from. Simultaneously, some Hong Kongers even act as a “role model” so we are not qualified to criticize them. In fact, this little case shows how new immigrants are being treated by Hong Kong people.
Actually, they are only spouses and children who came to reunite with their Hong Kong husbands and fathers. They are not enemies who want to grab benefits or destroy anything in Hong Kong. It is too cruel to look down upon them while they are finding lots of difficulties to live in a totally different place. Instead, we should find ways to help in order to develop a harmonious society.
I don’t have any great design or plan to help the new immigrants in this moment but I really concern about what is happening and who needs our help in Hong Kong. I really wish I could contribute to the society with my creativity in the coming future.
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Besides being a fulltime commercial typographer and type designer, Oded Ezer (b.1972) is also a lecturer and a typo artist. Having graduated in 1998, in Visual Communication Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Ezer went on to set up his own independent studio, Oded Ezer Typography, in Givatayim. A member of the ICD (Israel Community of Designers), he teaches typography and graphic design at the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, Ramat Gan, and at the Wizo College of Design, Haifa.
Gold Prize at the international design competition of the Nagoya Design Center, Japan (2000); Certificate of Excellence at the TDC52 competition of the New York Type Directors Club (2006).

Oded Ezer

“…I see myself as someone who uses his abilities to change and reshape the visual appearance of our environment in a way that will reflect the reality instead of hiding it. I see this not only a visual or professional act, but also a political one. My work is composed of commercial, typeface and experimental design. As a commercial designer I serve the needs of my clients; as a typeface designer, I am a sort of a meditator; creating the typo/artistic images is, for me, running away from the banal, predictable demands of the market, as if playing seriously a game like a six year old boy. In this last category, the silliest, most absurd, politically incorrect and shameless the results are, the more successful I feel.” …(omission)

Beit-Hilel, Hebrew text font, 2006
Shalvata, Hebrew text and display font, 2006
Meoded, Hebrew text and display font, 2006
Taagid, Hebrew text and display font, 2006
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Graduated in Graphic Design and master in Advertising with a research titled: In search of Mexican graphic design identity. His professional experience is related to creative art direction. Actually he is a creative director at his own company: CG Design. ( And professor in several Mexican universities.

Some awards include: Silver prize in Nagoya Design Do! 2002. Gold in poster at the XII Quórum Prize. Winner among 10 best Photos: magic of Nature, organized by Epson. Selected in International Poster Biennials in Mexico and USA. His work has been published in several design magazines and newspapers.

Carlos Manuel

Social Posters
Name of Designer: Carlos Manuel González Manjarrez

Social Students Design
Name of Designer: Carlos Manuel González Manjarrez
Photo Advisor: Roberto Gayosso
Students: Elizabeth Froitzheim, Vicky Smeke, David Irán, Renné Levy, Adriana García, Pamela Montaño and Ilan.
Universities: Universidad Nuevo Mundo and Anáhuac. In Mexico city.

Visions of Paradise
Design and photography:
Carlos Manuel González Manjarrez and Guillermo Eduardo Larios García.

Moments (Ad campaign)
Client: Astra Zeneca
Product: Nexium i.v.
Photography: Tony Stone images
Name of Designer: Carlos Manuel González Manjarrez

Design for me is a social compromise. When you try to say what someone cannot say or many want to say and may become their voice with design. When I dare to make one of them, I always investigate and make my own point of view, according to what I read, saw, feel or think may help. Maybe they will not solve the problem, but at least I feel that I did something about it and I try to enter to poster biennials or collective expositions of a particular subject, for trying to be more with the same objective: “be only a public voice for trying to have a more fair world.“
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