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"The Social Designers: design for real needs" Exhibitors 6

(L)Born in Zagreb in 1973. For the next 20 years he was playing with Lego’ s and some other things. In highschool he dreamt of becoming a painter, a TV star, an actor, but then he decided that design was the coolest of all (OK, his parents helped with realizing that as they though of design as least horrible). He graduated from Design school at the Zagreb University. In 1995 he established Bruketa&ZinicOM together with Nikola Zinic. In the meanwhile it has become a 60 people agency where he works as Creative Director.
(R)Born in Zagreb in 1968. For the next 20 years he drew comic books and on all legal and illegal surfaces. He studied Architecture and after that Design at the Zagreb University. In 1995 together with Davor Bruketa he established Bruketa&ZinicOM. In the meanwhile it has become a 60 people agency where he works as Creative Director.


"Next time try kicking a ball instead"
Homophobes is a campaign for the Croatian public. Many people here have big prejudice towards people with different sexual preferences. This campaign has the goal to remind people not to be homophobes. “Let them hear”
Creative director, Copywriter, Art Director, Designer:DAVOR BRUKETA, NIKOLA ŽINIĆ
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Helen Ho Lai-Ching, a Singaporean, graduated from Art Center College of Design, California, U.S.A. with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design, and also a Masters in Arts (Honors) at the Mushashino Art University, Tokyo under the scholarship of The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Singapore). She is currently a Consultant at the Center of Design Innovation and also a Course Manager for the Diploma in Product & Industrial Design Department of Temasek Design School in Singapore.

Helen Ho

The Eldery
Singapore faces an aging population. A bed that is elderly-friendly and designed to have a central control unit. It controls the air-conditioning cum temperature of the room, the lighting, and it also controls the temperature of the mattress. The mattress is made up of water gel. In winter, it keeps the user warm and prevents rheumatism. In the summer, it keeps the user cool and comfortable and prevents bed sores.
Young people are choosing to remain single and are marrying later in age. Young people in Singapore are very career minded. To encourage them to settle down in marriage, the Singapore government has set up a SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT UNIT, that provides the platform for those who signed up and show willingness to settle down.
The Young
In Singapore, school children are very independent and are given financial independence to buy what they like in school canteens. Some of the snacks and food that they choose may not be advisable in accordance to their BMI, body mass indicator and weight. They consult this Personal Food Butler which will advise them on what to consume for the day.
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San Francisco-based Jennifer Sonderby is Creative Director at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She has taught design workshops in Harare, Zimbabwe and Nagoya, Japan and presented her work at international conferences on the future of the book in Cairns, Australia and at the University of Technology in Sydney. Her work is included in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Permanent Design Collection.

Jennifer earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Design from California College of the Arts and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Art History from the University of Kansas.

Jennifer Sonderby

Fastphoric : A Novel
Western culture is obsessed with speed. In a fast-paced, technology-driven environment, the acronym, the abridged and the preference for the “quick-read” profoundly influence the structure of the English language. “Fastphoric,” a fiction-based codex book, introduces these practices and technologies to the printed format, completing a cycle of transference between print and screen-based reading methods. By juxtaposing the traditional display of text with two other “faster” methods on each page, the book functions as a hybrid of reading technologies—both present and future. The book poses the questions: Will we read print-based mediums differently as a result of technologies designed for screen-based reading? What will happen to the visual display of language and the format of the printed book?
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A Born in 1980
Market researcher
Majored in Design Management at Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto). The theme of Ishikawa’s research at Ritsumeikan was the evaluation of design using sensory evaluation techniques, including paired comparison methods. Currently, Ishikawa majors in product design at Tama Art University and works as a market researcher for an international corporation. His research includes analysis and preliminary surveys of market trends. He is most interested in effectively linking design and marketing. Ishikawa is particularly knowledgeable about the market for AV equipment and household appliances, and envisions the future of these key industries from the perspective of product design.

Toshiki Ishikawa

Ishikawa’s work focuses on market analysis, design research and concept model production, all based on data.
(Photo 1) Evaluation of market circumstances inferred from a variety of indicators, including sales data and consumer research data
(Photo 2) Analysis uniting research results and design trends
(Photos 3, 4) Design concept models
The models illustrate design research that approaches two developing markets. A multiplier effect is anticipated through this coupling, which also makes it possible to approach the market more deeply, thus initiating the creation of a design-driven market. The details of Ishikawa’s work, including his methods of research and concept model production, will be on view at the exhibition venue.

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